Aeration of shallow waters – JETLIM®

The horizontal aerations system “JETLIM®” for inland waters

The horizontal aerations system can be used for ponds in parks as well as for small, shallow to large deep waters. It can be used all year long. The system consists of a normal submergible pump connected to an air ejector that sucks in air, followed by horizontally connected pipes.

A dynamic phase separator can be connected at the end to separate air and water. This is necessary should only specific temperature layers (epi-, meta- or hypolimnion) be aerated without destroying the temperature stratification of the waterbody. This inexpensive device, made of mostly plastics, features a simple construction and low costs of manufacturing, operation and maintenance. Its operation and maintenance costs are comparable to those of streetlights. Yet, the aerator is cheaper to purchase.

Due to its modular design, the aerator can easily be transported and commissioned. It can´t be noted optically nor acoustically when submerged in water. The device can be operated with sensors so that no personnel is required. A permanent recovery of the waterbody´s flora and fauna is secured with minimal effort.