AGO Kasco® De-Icer keeps waterways free of ice

With the AGO Kasco De-Icer also waterways stay free of ice and remain passable The use of a De-Icer on a ferry route to a swimming lodge was a great success this winter. While the route used to be kept ice-free under great efforts, it was a De-Icer, mounted on the dock, which did all [...] WEITERLESEN >>

AGO Hydroair as supplier of the Pilot Facility Spree 2011

Practical facility protection with AGO Kasco De-Icer LURI Watersystems Ltd. developed the new modular system LURITEC. LURITEC is the first system in the world that functions as storage for wastewater from mixed water sewage, lying directly in the water (for example at historical inlets). The system is an alternative to the complex rainwater overflow tanks [...] WEITERLESEN >>

Challenges for our engineers

The Leibnitz institute for water ecology and freshwater fishery, IGB, assigned AGO Hydroair Ltd. to plan and construct a large enclosure facility. The assembly of the worldwide unique research facility started in the winter of 2011 on Lake Stechlin (Stechlinsee).