Challenges for our engineers

Planning and construction of a large enclosure facility

The Leibnitz institute for water ecology and freshwater fishery, IGB, assigned AGO Hydroair Ltd. to plan and construct a large enclosure facility. The assembly of the worldwide unique research facility started in the winter of 2011 on Lake Stechlin (Stechlinsee). At first, a 30 m water basin was constructed on the frozen lake. In the following winter (2012), 24 cylinders (ø9 m) were installed clockwise around the basin.  These serve as experimental units. The experimental cylinders are tightly connected to the ground with special plastic foils, which are fixed to a floating aluminum ring. The foils are propped by an underwater supporting structure. This creates a cylindrical space that is filled with lake water.

The cylinders are interconnected with a circumferential, floating gangplank. The whole facility is fixed on the ground by an extensive anchor system that keeps it from drifting. All experimental cylinders are equipped with bridges to guarantee the best possible conditions for the climate scientists from around the world. Further information concerning the research can be found under

Luftbild_Seelabor_© HTW Dresden-Oczipka für Bildschirm

(Foto: Luftbild_Seelabor_© HTW Dresden-Oczipka)