AGO Hydroair as supplier of the Pilot Facility Spree 2011

Practical facility protection with AGO Kasco De-Icer

LURI Watersystems Ltd. developed the new modular system LURITEC.
LURITEC is the first system in the world that functions as storage for wastewater from mixed water sewage, lying directly in the water (for example at historical inlets). The system is an alternative to the complex rainwater overflow tanks built on land.

LURITEC consists of combinable basic modules that can be extended. It is equipped with the necessary units and auxiliary equipment. The module system lies under the water line. LURITEC´s top side can be used as platform for diverse uses.

AGO Hydroair equipped the system with an anti-ice facility. Seven AGO Kasco De-Icers prevent the buildup of ice around the steel frame and armatures on the surface to prevent damages by ice pressure. The pictures show the excellent protective function of the de-icers at -10°C (January 2016).

(Bilder: LURI.watersystems/Ralf Steeg)