Pressured air measuring systems

Consumption and leakage metering as well as dew point and humidity monitoring

AGO Hydroair conducts regular maintenance, tests and measurements to ensure a higher life span of the components. We offer the following pressured air-measuring systems:

  • Metering of consumption
  • Metering of leakages
  • Dew point and humidity monitoring


SONAPHONE RFlowing gases and fluids within pipes and at leaks create ultrasound due to friction. These high-frequency signals can be detected with high accuracy, even over a distance of several meters. The SONAPHONE R converts these into electric and acoustic signals that can be perceived using black out headsets.

Bearing damage on roller bearings causes higher friction; this creates noises that are detectable with sonic probes.

Applications and advantages:

  • Leakage detection -> simple search for leaks, excellent leak detection through new sound transducer technology; armature examination; tightness control
  • Inexpensive detection of leaks on pressured air, steam, gas and vacuum lines, boilers, pipes, valves and condensate separators
  • Reliable early detection of bearing damages and wear
  • Explicit proof of electric insulation damages upon partial discharges
  • Extensive set of accessories

Monitoring dew point and humidity with FA 200-1 and -2 from TESTO

FA 200-1, the economic standard device, measures the dew point from -60 to +30°Ctpd. The device creates output signals in a range of 4 to 20 mA respective to -60 to +30°Ctpd.

FA 200-2 shows the dew point in addition. An alarm limit value can be programmed. If the limit is reached, a signal on the display will be triggered.


  • Simple control and alignment possibility on site
  • Fast measuring and standard interface with measurement chamber (option)
  • Simple adjustment of limit, monitoring and alarms around the clock (FA200-2)