The stainless steel separator “system H” by LK-Abwassertechnik

Separation and retrieval of light fluids of all kinds, especially gasolines, mineral oil components as well as oils and fats of plant and animal origin.

Oils and other light fluids constitute an enormous danger potential for water. Light fluids, according to DIN 1999, are liquids with a smaller density than water, which are hardly or not at all soluble in water, such as gasolines, diesel and fuel oils, filter oils (white oils) and other mineral oils. Emulsions and fats and oils of plant and animal origin are not considered light fluids by the norm.

On the other hand, light fluids have the advantage, due to their physical properties, that they can be separated from water with mechanical systems.


Specially designed weirs, submerged walls and flow reducing chambers within the separator increase its effectivity. This guaranties a very compact size. The patented LK-stainless steel separator “system H”, tested and approved according to DIN 1999, examined by LGA Bavaria, offers a new way in the separation of organic hydrocarbon and oils.

The purely physical separation principle with continuous water and oil outlets is the main feature of this new separator system with its patented double effective light fluid outlet.

It separates fluids that show a clear phase separation and swim on top of water. The outstanding separation effect of the system lies in the difference of densities of oils and water.


The purpose if this system is the separation and recovery of light fluids of all types, from all areas:

  • Surface water
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Standing and flowing waters
  • Process wastewater
  • Service life extension of degreasing baths
  • Restoration of ground water
  • Initial cleaning for ultrafiltration
  • Protection of cooling water
  • Fight oil damages
  • Mobile disposal unit


The LK-stainless steel separator “system H” is characterized by high efficiency and low running costs. This is based on the new integrated light fluid outlet. The layer of light fluid in the system is kept very thin.

In continuous operation oil is only accumulated to a certain layer thickness, the rest will be separated. With this method, the whole volume is available for the separation process and will ensure a continuously good efficiency.

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